“Profound egg”

From Habra’s Chef Ahmed Al Bader comes a new ode to flavor. Using the fire gleaned from the finest embers, we have developed our dishes to engage the senses and bring flavors both subtle and rich.
Each detail within Lunchroom evokes a sense of story. The philosophy of the “Profound egg” comes from the chef’s life-long relationship with the ingredient and his journey to explore its potential. Lunchroom’s design follows an ethos of recycling and up-cylicing, with materials being used to build many of LR’s spaces.
Menu That’s Delicious,
Rustic and Cooked to Perfection

About the Chef

Chef Ahmed Al Bader


A local gastronomic revolutionist and the mastermind behind GroupSix is our co-founder, Chef Ahmad Al-Bader. A culinary expert, a certified chef, and an alumni of Le Cordon Bleu and the French Culinary Institution, Ahmad has been the instrumental force in bringing GroupSix and its concepts to life. View More


Trip Advisor

Came here with my friend, and it’s definitely one of the best breakfast places in Kuwait! Everything is fresh and made to order. Things are made in house. Staff were nice and friendly. I am definitely coming again soon!
- Evilmisspolite -

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